Pioneer Food Equipment Technology Manufacturer, Blentech Corporation, Introduces ARTIS™: Big Data for a Small Price – PRNewswire

CEO, Daniel Voit, expresses his excitement, “Data is new oil and a properly engineered automation system delivers more than just labor savings.  It generates insights, automatically. One tangible effect when your equipment uses ARTIS™ in your cooking and mixing operations is its ability to reduce your start up and commissioning costs and timelines. ARTIS™ has all the data you need to quickly troubleshoot and a problem now becomes a solution.” 

The evolution from CookerCloud™ to ARTIS™ was led by Keith Weerts, Chief Technology Officer, who says “Our cloud based systems have become so powerful that a new name was needed to help people understand all it could do. “ARTIS” is an artificial intelligence information system designed to convert the artisan skills of operators into repeatable recipes that make our customers profitable.”

About Blentech

Blentech designs, builds and deploys  advanced cooking and mixing technologies globally. Their success is deeply rooted in their ability to innovate, offering sharp entrepreneurial business acumen, quality workmanship, and project execution.  Whether you’re looking for an expertly crafted stainless steel mixer, cooker, or an industrial kettle, or system solution, know that Blentech is not just a manufacturer of cooking and mixing equipment.  It’s a technology trailblazer.

For more information, visit and request a demo of ARTIS™ today. 

SOURCE Blentech Corporation

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